Rin’s World is Hiring for voluntary/internship positions.

We are looking for positions in ALL FIELDS: publicists, resourcers, advertisers, photographers, journalists, editors, translators and designers.

Eventually this will be the primary core of the magazine. The publicist must contact agencies in South Korea or Japan for interviews and so on.
QUALIFICATIONS: Must know Korean or Japanese, must have good negotiation and communcation skills, must be able to make international phone calls.

The source of all of our information. You could say this is the informant. We provide some resources already but we need someone that can contribute to that list and making it grow and updating old or outdated resources.
QUALIFICATIONS: Good web surfer. Very resourceful.

You will submit articles once a month on topics that interest you or assigned to you.  We need journalists that are also willing to write as many articles as they can or even to have their own column or page each month in the magazine. But be forewarned it will be the people that have a topic that is interesting, that can expand and grow and also have the writing style. But don’t worry we’re always willing to give anyone a try.
QUALIFICATIONS: Must be able to write 500+ words per article. Must submit a recent article on any topic.

Photographers are also journalists but they will submit photographs of the topic they are reporting about, usually these are journalists that attend conventions, travel or visit other related topics posted in the magazine.
QUALIFICATIONS: Must submit a short article on the topic and a photograph that will add further insight to the written article.

The backbone of the magazine, truly. Without editors there will be all kinds of grammar mistakes and other funny sentences that just doesn’t make any sense.
QUALIFICATIONS: A test will be given to prove skills in editing.

Yes, the hardest to hire among any job title are translators, but without them we really won’t know what is happening with our favorite anime, manga or korean/japanese dramas/celebrity. We need both Korean and Japanese translators. We may occasionally ask to translate an article but we really only need the gist of information to report in the magazine.
QUALIFICATIONS: Must know Korean or Japanese. Must provide a sample of translation skills or a test will be given to prove translator skills. The sample must include the original language and then the translated version.

The main core of the magazine. Without graphics and images in the magazine, it would just be BORING! So we designers to help make the magazine more interesting as well as to make graphics to advertise our magazine and other things on our site, etc.
QUALIFICATIONS: Must have some experience with graphic design. Must submit samples of work or link to web portfolio.

We need someone to constantly spread the word about our magazine, whether it be on blogs or in other magazines (if the budget allows for it). You will also come up with ideas for ads and fun slogans for the magazine. This person will advertise our magazine at various sources WEEKLY.
QUALIFICATIONS: Good communication skills, good web surfer/researcher, must be very resourceful, must be creative.

Please contact me – Rin at to apply or just for more info on positions.