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Asian Dramas I watched in 2011

My Ratings

 = 3 or more undesirable elements
 ✿ = 1-2 undesirable elements
 ✿ = No undesirable elements, ie. looks, ending, plot, acting

Color Legend

Completed | On Hold
    • Brilliant Legacy (Currently on Ep 19…i think, been watching it in between other series)
    • Flying Boys (only watched half of part 1)
    • Hero (Lee Jun Ki, of course)
    • You’re Beautiful (Actress from Prince Hours is in here, the rich one.)
    • Hong Gil Dong (Ep 1) Didn’t get past the first 10 mins
    • The Kingdom of the Wind(Song Il Gook)
    • Crime Squad (Song Il Gook)
    • Baby-Faced Beauty Ummm, It was good at first but I didn’t like the ending.
    • Goong: Princess Hours (I was watching to see the actress from BFB…didn’t like her in here. I like Joo Ji Hoon in this though, looking for more of his works)
    • Jumong (on Ep 1)
    • The Great Queen Seondeok (Ep 51 – stopped here because I didn’t want to see Bidam’s ending. But will contemplate watching it in the I’m loving Lee Seung Hyo and Kim Nam-Gil, especially Kim NamGil …hahaha! I can’t wait to see Bad Boy/Bad Guy. I also want to find more dramas with Lee Yo Won, I can’t believe we’re the same age. All of the actors/actresses I’ve found so far are either more than 7 years younger than me or more than 7 years older than me. So I’ve finally found a few that are my age, like John Hoon from Goong. He’s actually a little older than me, but we are the same age.
    • Bad Guy (Kim NamGil – my new love…lol!) This series was so totally awesome. Kim NamGil totally was amazing in this drama. Can’t wait until next year. I hope he gets an award for this drama.
    • Tamna Island Just like Prince Hours I don’t know anyone in this drama. Ok, I give it 2 thumbs up. I loved it! Now back to Baby-Faced Beauty and Great Queen Seon Deok.
    • Strange Hero YI ZHI MEI also known as Iljimae  (NOT A KOREAN DRAMA) Looked interesting while downloading Virgin Snow with Lee Jun Ki and waiting to DL Lovers Vanished with Kim Nam Gil. So I started watching it. I like it so far and the lead actor Wallace Huo. The ending was great, I just finished it a few mins ago!
    • Love at first Fight (ChineseTaiwanese Drama). I started watching this because Wallace Huo is such a great actor that I looked up other series he has been in and found this one. I started watching it because episodes 26-30 of Yi Zhi Mei (Iljimae) were not completely subbed in English.
    • City Hunter (Wanted to know about Lee Min Ho, so I decided to watch this series.)
    • Ouran High School Host Club (Ongoing) – This is of course a given to watch. I really shouldn’t but the reviews state that it is on target for a drama series that is based from a manga/anime series. I hope it doesn’t get screwed up like Hana-Kimi. Still pissed about them ruining my show!
    • Warrior Baek Dong-Soo – This was recommended by the same blog that recommended The Princess’ Man. I realized later that Yoo Seung ho was in it and I hated him in Great Queen Seon Deok but liked him in God of Study.
    • Mighty Chil Woo – I started watching this because there weren’t any more subbed episodes of WBDS. It’s a Korean Zorro…lol! It was a good series actually, so I’m glad I did watch it out of boredom.
    • Sungkyunkwan Scandal– This was a really good series. I started watching it cause there wasn’t any new episodes of WBDS and I wanted to see something else with Yoo Ah In and so I ended up watching this entire series and seeing the connections with WBDS historically. I also found out that Park Min-Young (City Hunter) is the girl in this series.
    • Scent of a Woman – I can’t stand Lee Dong Wook so I had to quit watching this series.
    • Protect the Boss – It was interesting at first but I soon lost interest. I might go back to it some day….maybe.
    • The King and I
    • Beethoven Virus
    • The Princess’ Man – This was recommended by a blog that feature Kim Nam-gil so I’m giving it a try. Also, I see pics from Lee Seung Hyo on the set of this drama series from time to time via his twitter account. I find that I don’t want to see this series anymore.
    • Time Between Dog and Wolf – Yay! Lee Jun Ki. I finally get to watch this series. I’ve been trying for the past 6 to 9 months to get this drama to watch it.
    • Dream High  – I was browsing Viki for something to watch and stumbled across this series.- I was browsing Viki for something to watch and stumbled across this series.
    • Man of Honor/Glory Jane – with Park Min Young. I was browsing My Asian Cinema for subs to The King and the Clown and came across this series so I’m going to watch it.
    • The Great Merchant Kim Man Deok — I stumbled across this on Viki while trying to find Man of Honor to watch. I swear I always find new series to watch instead of the ones I was intending to go back to watch. This was such an amazing series. I can’t wait to find something new.
    • Deep Rooted Tree/Tree with Deep Roots  – Stumbled on this via Viki
    • Iris – The storyline was excellent and the acting as well. I believe the only two parts I didn’t like were that the girl didn’t tell what she did at the end and the ending itself sucked.
    • Midas  – Stumbled on this via Hulu because of my boy Jang Hyuk / Jung Yong Joon who also starred in Chuno and is currently in Deep Rooted Tree.

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