The Magazine.

Rin’s World magazine is an extension of my blog that I created in 2008 to talk about my favorite things and to get feedback from readers that like the same things or not. The magazine was originally created in 2005 as a newsletter for my anime club called Rintaki Anime Club Association and  then it was changed to Rintaki Anime Club Society in 2008. By 2008 I had made the newsletter at least 8-12 pages featuring information and updates on club activities, anime series, manga series, anime conventions and Japanese culture. When I closed the Rintaki Anime Club Society in 2010 I had just learned about Korean culture. So I changed my direction on the magazine and used it for my blog to gain an even larger audience on the web.

So, here we are with a magazine that I would like to use to share the thoughts and feelings of Korean, Japanese, Chinese and other cultures to people who either do not know about those cultures and to those that do know but are unable to reach out and interact with their favorite celebrities overseas. So this magazine is not about just what I like and dislike but about what readers like and also reaching out to other cultures and letting them know that they are not just loved by their citizens but also citizens around the world.

Welcome to Rin’s World, the multicultural center magazine full of entertainment, food, health and more!