K-Drama Fan 10th Anniversary

It’s been 10 years since I’ve started watching Korean dramas. Here’s what I’ve learned and what I’ve watched. [Also, this is the not the exact date, but I’m going by the date I signed up on Viki since that is where I first started watching K-Dramas and I don’t know if I signed up first or started watching dramas first. I also signed up with Drama Fever (R.I.P.) but I did that after I was with Viki for a while.]

Let’s begin with how I learned about Korean dramas. I was on Crunchyroll and decided to look up some Japanese dramas and watch them. I had seen a few Japanese movies and liked them so I wanted to check out the drama series. I somehow came across Prince Hours and liked the plot summary so I started watching it. I really liked the story and acting. (At this time I was only vaguely familiar with Japan so Korea was completely invisible to me.) While I was watching it I didn’t pay attention to what the actors looked like or even the language – Korean and Japanese literally was the same to me back then. The language did sound off to me, but I totally ignored it because i was into the story line and what was going on. I liked it so much that i looked up the actors and found that Seven (Se7ven) was the main actor. Now that name sounded familiar (besides being my niece’s name). i knew I had heard that name before so I looked him up and realized he was a singer. A Korean singer. I was like, “oh”. That’s why I know him. However, I didn’t know him from his Korean songs, but his Japanese songs. “Kimi Dake Ni” in particular. So I began looking for “K-dramas” to watch. (On a side note, I also thought BoA was Japanese because she sang, “Every Heart” from Inuyasha in Japanese. I was totally surprised that she’s Korean and I am a total fan girl for her music.)

So, my next K-Drama was a historical one and it was incredibly long and emotional journey. I binged watched it for 8 hours a day until I finished it.


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