Avengers Endgame Review *Spoilers*

If you haven’t seen the movie already then there are spoilers below so do NOT read if you want to see the movie first.

I had to watch this movie a 2nd time because I missed some things the first time around. Not much but just a few things. The second time was a bit boring because I knew what to expect and the punches in the story line didn’t hit me as hard. Such as Natasha dying and Tony Stark dying. I really liked the game of tag with the gauntlet. Someone told me that they forced the scene with all the female super heroes but a second look it still didn’t seem forced because they did that in Infinity War. The way they did it with them coming together was a little unbelievable because in Infinity War they all happened to be fighting the same person. So I guess it was forced, what am I talking about…lol. Anyway, getting rid of the top players of the MCU was a big emotional send off for me. I don’t like it but there’s nothing I can do but get ready to ride the next wave of the Marvel Comics Universe.

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