K-POP Groups Over Looked Revisited [2013]

BTS – I know right! Why are they even on this list. Well, I made this list in 2015 BEFORE they got popular, just when I found out about “DOPE”. I thought they were awesome at the time and started following them.

[symple_youtube id=”pw540DtB5mM”] [symple_youtube id=”7C2z4GqqS5E”]

Boys Republic – I have no clue who they are but they have some nice music.

[symple_youtube id=”u7qbhAyBdD8″] [symple_youtube id=”nIiZ_jHlzS8″]

Ladies’ Code – I’m not a fan of them but they have some good songs worth listening to. Also, I love ther clothes in “The Rain”.

[symple_youtube id=”DST5IaPEv8g”] [symple_youtube id=”Wsx9f8tdifw”]

M.Pire – I have no idea who they are either. But their first song is really nice.

[symple_youtube id=”1mSPZ8ZS8r0″]

Royal Pirates – I found out about hem through Eat Your Kimchi from Simon and Martina. I’ve loved their songs ever since and wanted to share them. And I love the fact that they put out English versions of some of their songs. It’s too bad they got two members left, but what can be done…

[symple_youtube id=”DkUUTxcoBo0″] [symple_youtube id=”-ldI-oGzQQk”]

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