CNBLUE (debuted in 2010) – I found out about this group only because of Yong Hwa. He is now acting and have also released some solo albums, but mostly because he has been on Running Man so many times. I still am not into their music but they do have the talent. The song I like most is “I’m Sorry”. I also see that some of the members are acting now and they do a good job.

Girl’s Day (debuted in 2010) – I can actually see why they are well known. I liked the first mv I saw, which was from 2010 called “Twinkle, Twinkle”, but even though they grew and matured their music still stayed catchy. I think probably by the end of my posts they should be in the list of music that I listen to now. Or at the very least, I now save their mvs in my YT playlists.

Led Apple (debuted in 2010) – I don’t really have much to say about them as I haven’t listened to thei r music much and I’m not a fan, but they do have decent songs to listen too. But the sad thing is they haven’t done anything since 2014.

Nine Muses (debuted in 2010) – I’ve heard of this group but never paid them attention. Mainly because they are a girl group. I don’t really like the girl groups. But I do give everyone a chance. And they seem to be popular. I gave them a chance and they didn’t disappoint me.

ZE:A (debuted in 2010) – Now this group I heard of later on and like their music very much. At least the Solo debuts. I think I remember them because one of their members’ name is Kevin just like in U-KISS. Their music isn’t bad as a group though. But they haven’t been active since 2015.

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