I feel like there was a storm in the K-Pop and K-Drama world since October 2016 up until now. I know there are always storms in both entertainment fields but so much went on each month and then something else happened. So let me begin from the time I went on Hiatus, which was around October 2016.

Beginning in November, a lot of things happened and I didn’t bother to post about them because I just didn’t feel like blogging at the time.

[dropcap style=”square” color=”#ff0000″ bgcolor=”#ffffff” sradius=”0″]11.25[/dropcap] So the first thing is that 2nE1 disbanded. Earlier this year Minzy left the group because her contract with YG expired. But 2NE1 was completely inactive so I guess that YG decided to have them disband. I can’t say it really affected me. I really liked them more than any other girl group and I’ll miss their group work, but I can’t say I’ll actually miss the group. However, I don’t know how I’ll feel once I start watching old videos of them….

[dropcap style=”square” color=”#ff0000″ bgcolor=”#ffffff” sradius=”0″]12.14[/dropcap] Then the next thing that happened was that Kim, Jong Kook and Song, JiHyo were kicked off of Running Man. It started a wildfire in the Variety World. KJK, the Tiger and SJH, the Ace are two of the main reasons why RunningMan remained successful, excluding Yoo, Jae Suk of course. The other cast members are okay, but

[dropcap style=”square” color=”#ff0000″ bgcolor=”#ffffff” sradius=”0″]03.01[/dropcap] Kevin of U-KISS dropped a bomb that left me speechless and stunned. His contract expired on March 1st and he would not be renewing it. Therefore my reason for being a U-KISS fan…at least the main reason….is now gone. The good thing is that he stayed and did U-KISS promotions all the way until the end of April just about.

[dropcap style=”square” color=”#ff0000″ bgcolor=”#ffffff” sradius=”0″]04.04[/dropcap] Joongi Lee rumors of dating co-star … popped up on the internet and then was actually CONFIRMED by JoonGi Lee. Although it didn’t affect me too much. I was still a bit sad. I knew it was coming since last year when he said he wanted to date openly. Well, he got his wish. But I’m surprised that there wasn’t much backlash from his fans. I guess they approve….Anyway, I am happy that he gets to date openly and that he finally found someone because he wanted to have a girlfriend so badly. And as a fan I felt bad for him because he was so lonely.

[dropcap style=”square” color=”#ff0000″ bgcolor=”#ffffff” sradius=”0″]06.01[/dropcap] T.O.P.

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