This will be a our last MAJOR GIVEAWAY THIS YEAR. It will run from August 1, 2016 to September 15, 2016. We decided to go all out since Lee JoonGi will be in another drama that is actually quite popular and being redone quite often. We will only have a few ways to enter this time around but the points will be worth the entry. We will also 2 entries a week after the drama airs on August 29th, these will get you more points if you don’t want or can’t enter any other way. So take a look at the ways to enter below.

 August 2016 Giveaway ~ Lee JoonGi Care Package

5 thoughts on “August Giveaway {Lee JoonGi Care Package}

  1. I can’t edit that well, I can’t sing but I can paint ^^ That’s the only one I participated in. Hope luck on my side ^^ Good Luck everyone ^^

      1. I thought I didn’t win but I did win (^o^)/ They just took time for the winner announcement. Received the mail 5 days ago. So happy right now ^w^

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