G-Friend: The Future SNSD of K-pop


It can’t be denied that in the present, G-friend has been gaining massive popularity not only in South Korea but also in the whole world. They’ve been the headlines of various articles online and even captured the hearts of many international fans. Although not all of them are positive remarks, still, G-friend has built up a reasonable reputation to call them the new rising K-pop girl group that has the possibility of becoming the “top” in the future.

Several of the K-pop fans argue about what girl group will follow the footsteps of SNSD. There are lots of arguments posted and shared on many K-pop forums discussing the possible girl groups who could be the next SNSD in this generation and G-friend is no doubt included on the list.

So what could be the reasons why G-friend could possibly own the title of the next “Queens” of Korean Pop? Let’s delve in to these 8 points that I have.

Dorky as the “Momma” Group

So, some of you might go like “yes, that’s absolutely right” or “spot on” because as we all know G-friend, as a group, is a bunch of crazy and dorky little girls. I actually watched the show they were featured on which was “One Fine Day” which was filmed in the Philippines. Do you know what’s amazing about this kind of program? You get know the real character of idols. In G-friend’s case, they’re pretty much just the same like SNSD. They are loud, crazy, dorky, messy and naughty. This make not only me but also the SONES remember the old days of SNSD when they were just starting.

Gives off SNSD vibe

What I mean by this is their presence that they are giving us on stay when  they are performing. Their “Glass Bead” MV also reminds me of SNSD’s “Into The New World” and although G-friend’s CEO decided to copy it’s concept or not, it’s sure they left many people with NSD’s vibe. Also, aren’t we going to talk about how SinB just looks like Jessica? I mean, Sica is my ultimate bias and I just can’t help it but see SinB as her!

Strong Main Vocalist

A lot of you might be saying that Yuju might be on the same level as Taeyeon in terms of vocal skill. As for me, it’s absolutely as stupid thing to say because I strongly believe that she is way better than the kid leader. She has shown so much potential and proven enough to call the younger version of Taeyeon (well, not really). I have seen a lot of her live performances and I can say that she has considerable amount of control over her voice and needs a little work in belting high note. Overall, she’s definitely a strong vocalist.

Accumulated Many Wins

They’ve been just active for just a year but they have already garnered a lot of music show wins especially for their “Rough” comeback. Perhaps, it can be credited to their company for the right timing as they have little to no competition at all during the successful comeback this year! That’s already 15 wins all in all for that girls. Good job!

Catchy Songs

You know what’s funny? When I learned about this group new group’s debut, I just told myself that it is “another shitty group.” However, I decided to give their debut song “Glass Bead” a listen and within just 30 seconds, I closed my computer. I said “the intro and the chorus are so corny.” My personal view of G-friend’s songs completely turned opposite when I hear their song “Me Gustas Tu.” It’s very catchy has a nice beat and melody. Just the type of song I really like! And that made me an official Buddy.

Digital Power

What makes me proud of them is that even though they came from a relatively small company, they were able to release good songs that climb and stay on top of the charts. I don’t know why but Koreans really seem to like their songs so much. I would say that they have more powerful digital sales than Red Velvet. Their songs are public friendly which means that they are loved by all of ages which help them maintain their rankings on various music charts in South Korea.

International Fans Love Them as Much as SNSD

They started pretty small but soon hit big. Not only Koreans but also the whole world loves them. When their debut was announced and their group name was revealed, everybody went like” what a disgusting name” which was really true (sorry). I really don’t know but nowadays, G-friend seem to attract foreign fans adding them to their big fan base. And of course, overseas popularity means bigger income!

They Have Huge Fan Base

Just like SONEs, G-friend has a huge fan base also. Considering that they are just in the verge of building their own career in the industry, they have proven so much to be a hit. Recently, Yuju (G-friend0 and Sunyoul (Up10tion) released their duet song entitled “Cherish” and it was a great song! What surprised me is the loud fan chants during the live performance on music programs. I mean, groups who have been promoting for several years aren’t even getting any cheers at all but these two especially Yuju have thunderous ones- a proof that even if Yuju is the only one promoting, she can still do well with the help with the fans.

No matter how these girls try to be nice, there will always be those people who will dislike or worse hate them. Well, this might turn out to be like SNSD’s when they returned with “Gee” and converted “antis” to become their fans. They’re just rookies and people’s view of them might change as they grow.

G-friend is no doubt the rookie girl group who has the brightest spotlight on them right now. If they tend to be lucky, they could be the next SNSD! Let’s just watch over them as years pass by to witness this theory. 🙂

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