As the older generation of K-pop groups slowly lose popularity and vanish, it’s turn for the new and younger generation to step up and continue the legacy they have left the K-pop world. One of these younger and fresh groups is Red Velvet who just debuted not too long ago in August 2014.

While there may be some who say Red Velvet will be the one to take over SNSD’s throne for being the queens of K-pop, many are still undecided whether they will or will not be able to do so. In my case, I am very doubtful of their future and these are the reasons why.

Is it real “Happiness”

SM Entertainment released Red Velvet’s single entitled ‘Happiness’ along with its music video on August 1, 2014. the single received mixed reactions. Some completely fell in love with the new group’s charisma while others are annoyed by its choreography as shown in the music video as well as the song itself. Remember that “Lalala” part?

On the other hand, there were some who even theorized that they just became a cover-up for series of SM issues and they are just an unplanned group. Amidst several controversies within the entertainment agency, the girls made their way to introduce themselves to the world without knowing how they would receive backlash from the public. Let’s just say “Happiness” wasn’t just successful to make them go happiness!

Me Us’ Anger

If you can remember, f(x)’s made their comeback in July 2014 just a month earlier from Red Velvet’s debut. “Red Light” gained interest as well as confusion due to the eerie and mysterious nature of the song and MV. They also garnered trophies from various music shows and enjoyed success but it was short lived. The “Red Light” promotion was cut to begin the promotion of the younger group Red Velvet. As a result, many Me Us expressed their disgust and distaste by the move of SM and blamed it to the poor girls. From the very start, they already received hatred from many people including of course the Me Us.

Addition of Yeri to the Group

Perhaps, SM noticed how the public have negative reaction to its new girl group so they decided to create new talk in order to obtain interest once again. That is the addition of Yeri to the existing group. This happened for their “Ice Cream Cake” comeback in March 2015. I admit that this became a hot topic because people expected that she would be that talented to be considered in the group. However, upon hearing her live vocals as well as witnessing her dance moves, many were disappointed. Personally, Yeri isn’t really that skilled enough and she’s just more or less average. She doesn’t excel in singing nor dancing. I think she’s just there to add a new pretty flower to the already beautiful group and there’s nothing more.

Poor Attitude


It can be remembered that the Korean fans got so upset of the inappropriate behavior of Red Velvet on the V app broadcast. Their fingers pointed to Joy as well as Yeri for being impolite to Seulgi. During the said broadcast, Seulgi is nowhere to be seen because Joy and Yeri kept on blocking her. Koreans thought that Joy who were supposed to be a mature unnie turned out to be the immature one along with Yeri. Koreans in general really hate those with no manners and are really known to be very respectful, that’s why seeing this kind of thing will easily make them furious.

Too Old for Koreans’ Taste

We all know that K-netizens have a very specific and high standard when it comes to idols. From their height, weight, legs, hips, shoulder, face shape, face size to the smalles detail of the body– they’re just too picky. These of course include the age of idols. I think a few months ago, I read an article somewhere on the internet saying that idols (aged 25-30) are already being called “too old” by the Koreans and this is the time they lose interest in them.

Now, what I am talking about is not Red Velvet as a whole but just Irene as the visual of the group. We all know she’s the oldest in the group, born on March 29, 1991 and is already 24 years old (25 in Korean age). So as already mentioned, Koreans love patronizing the “young-dols” than the older ones. Take Sandara Park as an example, she debuted in May 2009 and was 24 years old at that time. Although she was always praised a lot for being a natural beauty, she immediately lose the “Most Beautiful Rankings,” leaving the spot to younger idols like Naeun, Suzy, and Yoona. I recently just read an article showing the Top 5 Ranking of Most Beautiful Idols. It was taken from 2011-2016 and Sandara only had her spot for two years (2011-2012). I also noticed how younger ones took their spot effortlessly and reigned for many years (e.g Suzy, Yoona and Naeun) until this year 2016.

What I am trying to say is that, age really matters in South Korea besides looks and proportion. Idols who are already a bit old for the Koreans may have a short life span in terms of popularity. Realistically speaking, Irene might be enjoying a few more years but she will experience declining popularity when she becomes old. Visual members are the gems of K-pop groups and if there’s anything that’s important about them besides their appearance is their age.

Finally we’re done analyzing the reasons why Red Velvet is a failure made by SM. Do you agree or disagree? Whatever your opinions are please hit the comment section and tell us what you think!

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