SHINee’s Jonghyun releases a collaboration song called “Your Voice”


SHINee’s Jonghyun releases a collaboration song called “Your Voice” with Heritage in Japan on the 18th…a Perfect Harmony

March 18th 2016 11:12AM

SHINee’s Jonghyun and the co-ed group Heritage, whose voices work superbly together, released the new song “Your Voice” in Japan today. Heritage and Jonghyun wrote, composed and sang “Your Voice” together.

Until now, Jonghyun’s positive results with SHINee and his own solo album, are of course progress as a “true musician”, which conventional idols are unable to show. Jonghyun is showing just that while working on a collab. with musicians who can’t anticipate such. Lately, YG ENTERTAINMENT is sponsoring Lee Hi’s title song, which has become a hot topic. Jonghyun wrote the lyrics for and composed Lee Hi’s new song “BREATHE”, and it’s going on sale at the same time as “Your Voice” and expected to reach number-one on the charts.

In this manner, Jonghyun is showing exceptional progress and piquing interest, showing his listeners comforting music, and  gathering up a sympathetic response. This time around, the new song “Your Voice” is of the acoustic medium pop genre, and the lyrics are full of candor, able to speak straight to the heart. The deep, heartfelt, comforting of the importance of a friend is also incorporated in the lyrics. Lines such as “Even when I say such selfish things now and then, you understand me”, “It wasn’t even awkward when we spoke on the phone after so long”, and “The darkness I can see today is warm, because today bundles me up”, direct one’s attention.

Also, Jonghyun’s voice matches Heritage’s vocals very well. A perfect harmony is created such that one could go so far as to call it “R&R for the Ears”. For his first solo album “BASE”, all songs were composed by himself, and for compositions such as his first mini-album “Story Op. 1”, he represents SM as a singer-songwriter. Jonghyun’s skills were once again made known, as he is drawing emotion through his work. Presently, his value as the “trustworthy and listenable Jonghyun” is hardly considered an awkward estimation.

Jonghyun, who continues to come out with new music without resting, this month at the National Generational Stadium from the 24th-26th, is taking part in the SHINee Japanese Tour “SHINee WORLD 2016~DxDxD~”.

Posted: March 18th 2016 8:20AM Reporter: Chun Won

Translated by: Kenni (Rin’s World Team Member)

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