Okay, so I made the change to move from California to Wisconsin and I made it to Milwaukee safely after taking 3 trains and a bus only to get into a car accident later in the evening on my way to my sister’s house. The driver of the other vehicle was on the opposite side of the street and made a left just as we were crossing the intersection going in the opposite direction, only to hit us nearly dead on. If it weren’t for my sister’s quick reflexes and hitting the brakes when she did, then they would have hit her side and probably would have killed us or seriously injured us. I found out later that the driver was drunk and went to jail and today as we were passing the place we got hit, I learned that they were trying to make a left onto a one way street. Which means they would have hit someone anyway. Thankfully, we were only bruised. I hurt my left shoulder but it was due to the seat belt and I also have bruises because of the seat belt. The air bags and the seat belts saved us from getting seriously injured. Here are some pictures of my sister’s car.

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The Virtual Bride

September 29, 2015