Cash For Electronics USA

I gotta say I was really stoked when I found this place because I had a lot of electronics that I had kept for my computer and phones that I no longer used, but didn’t know what to do with them since they were out of date or just not used. I learned about this place that would give you money for the metals that were in your electronics. However, I soon learned that this place is not worth it. I sent my stuff to them and they didn’t even contact me to let me know that had gotten it. I kept track by the tracking number and contacted them. They finally contacted me to let me know that got the items and had to check them. However, again, it took me to contact them about the results. So 12 days after the first email that sent me, they sent me an email stating that there wasn’t enough metal to give me any money and said it would cost to much to return them to me, so they basically just kept all of my stuff. Here’s a list of what I sent and the emails I got from them. I gotta tell you that this really pissed me off. They could have just sent my stuff back to me.


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