Movie Releases (September)

There are just a few movies this month that I am interested in only a few of the months this month. But two of the ones I’m looking forward to watching is “The Throne”, which used to be called, “Sado”. And also the second movie of “Attack on Titan”. There are a few more that I’m interested in as well, but I just highlighted them in blue. What movies will you be watching this month?

“September 3”
* Office (Korea)
“September 5”
* Neko Samurai 2 (Japan)
* Piece of Cake (Japan)
* Seishun Gunjyoiro (Japan)
* Tokyo City Girl (Japan)
* Unfair: The End (Japan)
“September 10”
* Deep Trap (Korea)
* Love Never Fails (Korea)
* My Sister, The Pig Lady (Korea)
* Shadow Island (Korea)
“September 12”
* The Big Bee (Japan)
* Black Room (Japan)
* Girls Step (Japan)
* Luv Ya Hun! (Japan)
* Uchimura Summers (Japan)

“September 16”
* The Throne (Korea)
“September 17”
* Sunshine Love (Korea)
“September 19”
* Attack on Titan: End of the World (Japan)
* No Longer Heroine (Japan)
“September 24”
* The Accidental Detective (Korea)
* The Long Way Home (Korea)
* Right Now, Wrong Then (Korea)
“September 26”
* Antonym (Japan)
* Dust and Fantasy (Japan)
* Gassoh (Japan)
* Gonin Saga (Japan)
“September 30”
* With or Without You (Korea)

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