“The Pirates” is a Korean movie that was released in 2014. It is set at the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty and centers around a group of pirates and bandits who are fighting to take down a whale that swallowed the new royal seal given by the emperor of Ming. It stars Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin.

“The Pirates” has a lot to offer. It’s got action, characters seeking revenge and to avenge, comedy, a taste of romance, and even a lesson to learn. Be ready for a lot of fight scenes. “The Pirates” is about pirates and bandits not only fighting each other but also seeking to avenge themselves or others so there is a lot of it. A lot of the scenes were over the top but still enjoyable because they were balanced with comedy and were not meant to be taken seriously. When the fights were serious they were orchestrated well and enjoyable to watch. I, for one, love a good fight.

The pirates were betrayed by their previous captain, So Ma, so when he resurfaces to avenge himself their new captain, Yeo Wol, wants revenge. The leader of the bandits, Crazy Tiger, was a former soldier who was betrayed by Hong Gab. Crazy Tiger wants revenge and Hong Gab wants to avenge himself so our leads already have something in common. Unfortunately it is a hard fight but it was fun to watch the characters pitted against one another and, of course, to root for the “good guys” who were unwillingly brought together by their struggle.

The comedy in “The Pirates” was not subtle in my opinion. If you are into dry humor you will not find it here. Be ready for some slapstick and exaggerated comedic relief. If you’re anything like me you have to be in the mood for that comedy but when you are it is great.

The romance was not prominent in “The Pirates” but I was okay with that. There was too much fighting and revenge and avenge seeking going on for the romance to have a big role. The taste that we did get was sweet in its own way and even a little funny. Just the right amount for this movie.

What would a movie with pirates, bandits, and corrupt government be without a lesson to learn? I enjoyed the message of “The Pirates” and I think that it applies to everyone no matter where you are from or what era you live in.

Overall I enjoyed “The Pirates”. I think that the film could be enjoyed by anyone, even someone who isn’t into Korean entertainment. I would give it three out of five stars. While I enjoyed it I don’t think it is a movie I will be watching again unless I want to share it with someone.

Have you seen “The Pirates”? What did you think about it? What is your favorite Korean movie? Let me know in the comments!


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