JoonGi International Projects

PROJECT ONE: Paid Memberships

There are two projects I’m currently working on that I could really use volunteers for right now. The first project is implementing membership benefits for JoonGi International. I mentioned it in my previous post that starting August 31, 2015 there will be two paid membership groups that will receive benefits. However, I only have two benefits in mind right now and they are free shipping for members that order JoonGi  Merchandise through our store and also getting new Joongi merchandise for free or at a discounted price AND at the same time as it is released in South Korea or Japan. I am currently in negotiations with some distributors on this matter.

The memberships are Premium for $25 a year and Platinum for $40 a year. Please visit our membership page for details on the benefits.

PROJECT TWO: Fan Meeting in California

I know that some fans think this cannot happen or that it would turn out bad and they don’t want that. Well, that is why I need fan support for this to happen. However, we will be having it in a small venue and we will get support from sponsors. Sponsors can be anyone from a corporate business to the little market store down the street. If you would like to help get sponsors in your area, you can fill out the sponsorship form and we will send you a sponsorship guide packet. This packet will show you how to talk to your local store and get them to sponsor this event. It will also include all the necessary forms you need to give them and mail back to us.

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