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Hello fellow KISSMES, I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m creating some DVDs with U-KISS videos. The DVDs will feature their Music Videos, Some Stage Performances, Teasers, Clips, Shows, etc.
There will be two types. Type A will be a 6 DVD set and Type B will be a 6 DVD set. The difference with each type will be the DVD formatting and the DVD Covers and Inserts.
Type A DVDs will have All of the Japanese MV on a single DVD, All of the Korean MV on a single DVD, Live Performances and Special Performances on 2 DVDs and The teasers, clips and various show episodes on 2 DVDS. Also, the DVD covers and inserts will be of group photos of the members old and new.
Type B will have all of their Music Videos, their teasers, dance practice and other MVs on 1 DVD, Live Performances on 2 DVDs and Clips, TV Show Episodes, etc on 1 DVD. This type will also include more live performances of same songs and also you can choose which member you want decorated on the DVD cover and inserts.
I have included some photos of Type A DVDs and I will be making a Type B set featuring Kevin and post those photos soon as well.
The reason why I am letting you know this and that I’m willing to give some sets away as long as you are willing to pay for shipping. NOTE: I AM NOT SELLING ANYTHING, I JUST WANTED TO MAKE SOMETHING WHERE ALL OF THEIR BEST PERFORMANCES AND SCENES ARE TOGETHER. AND ALSO TO SHOWCASE MY WORK, WHICH IS VIDEO EDITING AND GRAPHIC DESIGN.
However, if you would like to donate I won’t be opposed as the DVDs cost money since they are Lightscribe DVDs. I get DVD cases and Free ink so if everyone wants a copy then the DVDs are the problem.
So if you would like to get a free set or want to know how to donate, please contact me via email at rin.sanada@yahoo.com and I will give you instructions on how to get a free set. And the DVDs are region FREE so you can play them on ANY DVD PLAYER.

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