Korean DRAMAS!! I love them and hate them at the same time. I love them because they are interesting and hate them because I have to wait each week for the new episodes, the plot in most stories are EXACTLY the same and because they are just too ADDICTIVE. I think I need to go to Korean Drama Anonymous Program somewhere!! This year is no different, except that there are so many dramas that are starring some of my favorite actors/actresses this year.

Emergency Boy and Girl

starring Ji-Hyo Song (Song Ji-hyo) and Jin-Hyeok Choi (Choi Jin-hyeok)

My favorite person on Running Man and a very good actress. I love her movies and dramas. I’m actually catching up on some things she has been in before I started watching K-Dramas.



Jin-Hee (Song Ji-Hyo) led a satisfying life as a dietitian. She then met medical school student Chang-Min (Choi Jin-Hyuk). Despite his wealthy family’s strong opposition, Jin-Hee and Chang-Min decided to get married. Chang-Min’s family is full of doctors. Chang-Min though gave up his medical internship and began working as a pharmaceutical salesman. Their marriage life was not happy. Chang-Min’s family looked down on Jin-Hee and even Chang-Min seemed to change. Chang-Min began to think terribly of Jin-Hee and they finally divorced.

After their divorce, Jin-Hee became a medical student and now works as an intern. Chang-Min also graduated from medical school and begins to work as an intern. One day, they meet in the emergency room for a hospital where they will both work together.

  • Air Date: January 24, 2014
  • Runtime: Fri & Sat 20:50

God’s Gift – 14 days


starring Bo-Young Lee (Lee Bo-Young)

I really liked her acting in I Can Hear Your Voice along with all the other actors and actresses. They all made a good cast, so I hope she gets a good cast in here as well.

Plot: A mother (Lee Bo-Young) travels back in time to bring her dead child back to life.

  • Air Date: February 17, 2014
  • Runtime: SBS Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Very Good Days

starring Seo-Jin Lee (Lee Seo-Jin) and Hee-Seon Kim (Kim Hee-Seon)

I really like both these actors. I really didn’t know about Kim Hee-Seon until she played in Faith with Lee Min-Ho. But now I’m looking into her past drama series as well. I think she did a good job in that drama. And I love Lee Seo-Jin’s acting like crazy. I’m still looking up his previous dramas too! And this is a Sat/Sun drama. I haven’t watched one in a long while that I’ve liked so hopefully this one will be the one for me.

Plot: Dong-Suk (Lee Seo-Jin) grew up as a smart young boy, but came from a poor family background. He is now a successful prosecutor and comes back to his hometown for the first time in 14 years. There, he happens to meet his first love Hae-Won (Kim Hee-Seon) and falls in love with her all over again.

  • Air Date: February 22, 2014
  • Runtime: Saturdays & Sundays 19:55

Cunning Single Lady

starring Min-Jung Lee (Lee Min-Jung) and Sang-Wook Joo (Joo Sang-Wook)

I’m watching this purely for Joo Sang-Wook. I loved him when he guest starred on Running Man multiple times and I loved his character in Good Doctor. I haven’t had a chance to look up his other dramas, but I will someday when I get the chance.

Plot: Ae-Ra (Lee Min-Jung) is focused on her appearance as she believes it will lead her to a better life. She then meets Jung-Woo (Joo Sang-Wook) who studied engineering. They eventually get married, but they also get divorced. After their divorce, Ae-Ra goes through difficult times. Unlike Ae-Ra though, Jung-Woo becomes a successful IT developer and very wealthy. Now, Ae-Ra tries to seduce Jung-Woo to marry her again.

  • Air Date: February 26, 2014
  • Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55

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