Seriously, I was aiming to get an A in my online class, but I was docked 40 points from my final project essay. That really bummed me, but it at least kept me at an A-. However, I finished my final discussion post and I wanted to convey what I learned in this class and put some effort into it. So I created the post below.

My instructor was so impressed he wrote, “WOAH! MYNAMEHERE! I wish I could give this a 100 points! AWESOME WORK! Very very well done. I am so happy how focused and dedicated you were this semester. I greatly appreciate having such hard working students! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!”

So he changed all of my discussion posts where I lost points all to 50/50 so that I could get an A in his class. There are 8 discussion posts in total, I only had three that wasn’t 50/50, but it was enough to get me over the 930 point threshold for an A. He is so totally awesome. I feel like crying because I reached my goal, and quite unexpectedly. I felt so good about this so I just wanted to share with everyone.

You can view my post below.

At first I wasn’t sure how to show my reflections so I decided something simple and easy would be best for my reflections. I didn’t want to pick just one item because we covered so many elements and I happen to love most aspects of art since I spent all of high school and junior college studying art to one degree or another. My best area is drawing and now graphic design, somewhat. I’m glad I was able to recognize many of the art works during this course thanks to my classes as well as shows like Leverage and anime series like Get Backers, that feature art as a focal point in their stories. It just shows that everyone is trying to teach people about art whether they want to or not. So here are my reflections in a few categories.
  • In Architecture – Egyptian Pyramids/Parthenon: As a human race we build on what others have left behind. The Egyptians were amazing architects among other things, the fact that they were able to design and build the pyramids and just like them so were the Greeks and Romans. They made buildings on a grand scale in terms of size and design that made the footprints for future generations to follow and now we see their influence all over the world in buildings we visit even in the modern world.
  • In Sculpture – Venus De Milo: Sculpture is an amazing art medium that lets the artist replicate real life and keeps it that way forever. It has a way of showing us ‘reality’ made from clay. However, it doesn’t end there sculpture has advanced to gardens and other things that can please the eye.
  • In Visual Arts – Painting: Ah, my favorite, sort of. If you can draw then you can paint. I have always loved drawing and coloring my art work. There are so many different visual arts that it would make your head spin but the ones that are known today have been around since ancient Egypt, it has just been advanced in terms of preservation. But the techniques and main colors were created long before we were.
Birth of Venus  Portrait of a Man
  • In Performing Arts – Dance – Ballet/Poppin/Hip Hop/Steppin: I love music and dance. The fact that dancing started through a means of spiritual means does not surprise me. What better way to praise God than to sing and dance. Although it has evolved from simple steps to something more elaborate it still conveys the feelings that we have inside.
  • In Performing Arts – Music – Beethoven, Mozart, Big Bang, G-Dragon, L’arc En ciel, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Missy Elliot, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, TLC, Luther Vandross: Yes music is an art, it takes lots to learn music notes and instruments. I really love music but I have never had the aptitude for it. I can’t hear my own tone so I don’t even know if I can sing. However music is made from any sound, even just normal talking. I think that my love of music is so deeply ingrained that I couldn’t stop it even if I wanted to. You can take anything from me, eye sight, walking, talking, art, but not music. I have over 4,000 songs on my tablet and listen to about 700 on my MP3 player. I have music from ALL genres, except Jazz…don’t really like it. I can tolerate opera but not for long. I love Korean music, Hindi music, Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Classical, Japanese Rock and Pop and so much more. But it amazes me that no matter what language the music is in, it can communicate to our very soul. It also amazes to no end that music notes exist because music is simply sounds that we hear and anything can be an instrument of sound, especially the voice. It is the most beautiful instrument to me.
  • In Performing Arts/Literary Art – Theater/Drama/Film – The Fifth Element, Finding Neverland, Ever After, The Knight’s Tale, The War, Radio Flyer: I think that theater and drama is by far one of my favorite forms of art. Simply bringing an imagined character to live through theater and film is quite an art. Although it evolved from simple storytelling and evolved into films is quite amazing.
  • In Literary Arts – Canterbury Tales/Shakespeare Plays/Jane Austen/Christopher Pike: My first love, well, maybe my second. I love books to no end. The fact that you can read something and begin imagining what is happening is simply amazing. And for a book to make me cry, get angry or sad is truly amazing. Literature, I think has only evolved and changed its form over time, but the effects that it has on our emotions and thinking has not changed. The Canterbury tales even today still can evoke emotions from us the way it did when they first were published, the same with Shakespeare and Jane Austen and one of my favorite authors as a teen, Christopher Pike. Even though they all follow the same formula they all evoke endless amount of emotions and pull forth our minds into their world that it affects how we view things in the world and change our thinking on various matters.

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