AJ Goes to New York Again

NH Media put up a notice at the end of last month (October 29) that AJ will be going to Columbia University in New York for another semester in January 2014.  However, the promotions for their album Moments were to continue until AJ leaves.

So now we know why NH Media continued to promote even though DongHo left, however, where does this leave U-Kiss while AJ is gone. It will be down to 5 members once AJ starts school. There is only a month and a half left of promoting with AJ, so does that mean that another album will not be released until summer next year? I hope not! Or they would have to writes songs for just 5 members and promote it during the time that AJ is gone. Or they would just promote in Japan during the time AJ is away.

This is really sad for U-Kiss, but at the same time, it would give them a much needed rest. I can’t say I’m happy or sad. I know AJ wants to finish school, but it takes away from U-Kiss as a whole. I think at this time, they should be doing some solo projects. Especially Kevin and Soohyun, who already did some solo songs earlier when U-Kiss first debuted. But sure enough, the members of U-Kiss are strong and endure much. I’m sure KissMes are proud no matter what. As long as they don’t disband they can take a break when they need it.

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