What is the Make it a Movie Night Community?

The Make it a Movie Night Community is made for movie and entertainment lovers like you! Our goal is to bring like-minded influencers together to share their experiences and expertise with each other and across their social networks. Here you can read interesting articles from movie enthusiasts and gain access to exclusive content.

We are excited to collaborate with you and inspire you to share your passion for film and entertainment with both the community and your network! Content within the Community comes not just from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, but also from the many community members – people just like you who are looking to share their passion for movies and television shows. Within this community, you will find everything from movie articles, celebrity interviews, exclusive video content, games, sweepstakes, and much more.

  1. Review Your Profile and Connect your social channels

    Your profile allows you to connect all your available social channels, like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and more, so that you are ready to share; make sure to connect them all! Decide what profile information is displayed to the community and manage your data through a customized dashboard.

  2. Share Articles and Contribute Content

    All content within the community is sharable. This means anything you find interesting can be sent out over your social channels, earning you points and rewards. In addition, you can contribute content to be approved and shared by others.

  3. Earn Points and Get Involved

    Your involvement adds up, and it can do so in a big way! Activities will allow you to engage more with the Oakley Community, and points will allow you to climb the community leaderboard. You’ll also have the chance to meet other influencers and invite friends to help you along the way.

Click HERE to get STARTED and sign up and start writing posts to earn points and win movie packs each month.

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