Rintaki Anime Club Society

I was thinking about restarting the Online Anime Club again starting in 2014, but the problem is that I would need volunteers to help run the site, the newsletter and so on. What do you guys think?

Here is a break down of what I’d need volunteers to monitor for the site and the newsletter.

WEBSITE – rintaki.org

  • Site Moderators- To answer questions from the site and keep it up to date with the latest anime information.
  • Forum Moderators-There would be a forum for members only on how to get their benefits and so on.



  • Writers/Journalists – To research and write articles on anime series, conventions, cosplayers, games, libraries, anime publishers, etc.
  • Translators – To translate information from Japanese resources online, etc.


Membership Benefits

I’m not sure what benefits would work out in this case since it would be completely online. I’m sure we’d be able to send gift cards, tickets to conventions, concerts, etc via snail mail. But what other benefits would you like to have as a club member?


Visit this link to DONATE if you are interested.

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