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Hello everyone,

We’re currently looking for volunteers to help with our magazine and getting it published. Even though we are asking for volunteers we would just like for you to know that after 3-6 months it turns into a PAID position, so basically it would be more of an internship.

We are looking for positions in ALL FIELDS: photography, journalists, editors, translators and designers.


You will submit articles once a month on topics that interest you or assigned to you. These topics will be of interest to myself, Rin, as well as to other people that like the same things. We need journalists that are also willing to write as many articles as they can or even to have their own column or page each month in the magazine. But be forewarned it will be the people that have a topic that is interesting, that can expand and grow and also have the writing style. But don’t worry we’re always willing to give anyone a try.


Photographers are also journalists but they will submit photographs of the topic they are reporting about, usually these are journalists that attend conventions, travel or visit other related topics posted in the magazine.


The backbone of the magazine, truly, at least one of the main backbones. Without editors there will be all kinds of grammar mistakes and other funny sentences that just don’t make sense.


Yes, the hardest to hire among any job title are translators, but without them we really won’t know what is happening with our favorite anime, manga or korean/japanese dramas/celebrity. We need both Korean and Japanese translators. We may occasionally ask to translate an article but we really only need the gist of information to report in the magazine.


The main core of the magazine. Without graphics and images in the magazine, it would just be BORING! So we designers to help make the magazine more interesting as well as to make graphics to advertise our magazine and other things on our site, etc.

Please contact me – Rin at magazine@rins-world.com to apply or just for more info on positions.

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