OMG! My writer’s block is completely gone. I feel like doing my English homework now. I can actually THINK about what to write and I can READ the books now. I couldn’t bring myself to read ANYTHING for this class at ALL let alone for anything else. I feel really good. The only problem is that I don’t have the TIME tonight or tomorrow to do it. So I will work on something else. I really want to finish reading my homework assignment, it’s really good reading, but it also is really, really long. I also feel like writing reviews in my blog again. I really didn’t feel like studying, writing, reading or anything like that for the longest time. I felt really suppressed for some reason these past 6 months or so, when it came to reading, writing or studying. I’m glad it’s over though and now I’m excited about my lovely day tomorrow and all the spiritual food I’m going to get. I hope I can get to sleep though.

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