Here is the final part of my reviews of the videos used in the 2012 Kpop Dance Mashup that I know little about or not at all.

Supernova 초신성 Stupid Love 바보 사랑

So it starts off really suave and cool with the dance move and car and even their style is good. The music starts great and the vocals come in all smooth, but then it gets dull for me about 30 seconds later. It’s like a rip off of another music video and their not doing anything interesting except really standing by a really cool car with one girl…? There’s not enough dancing and too much of single shots of the guys standing or sitting and doing nothing. It’s supposed to be a cool pose but it just looks…boring.


 Touch / Let’s walk together

I know them only because I found another song by them and watched it. So my knowledge of this group is still quite non-existent. I look up the group in Wikipedia and could not find ANYTHING about them. I even searched the List of South Korean idol groups list in Wikipedia. Maybe I just really skipped over them. But yea I remember where I saw the name Supernova from and it’s from that list. Back to the video >> So immediately I like the music and then there are five guys staring at one girl through a restaurant window which makes it creepy *shivers*, and so I keep watching and one of them finally make a move by handing a drawing to her and then she gets happy after staring at it for a while. However, the song is catchy, the dance moves needs a bit of work and their style is totally horrendous.


VIXX / Superhero

Next. So here is another unknown group to me. My first impression with this video is that I’m in for it now. The music started off great and even the dancing was really good. However, the talking seemed so fake and just didn’t fit with the song or video. Some of the backgrounds were cool, but at the same time, some needed to be destroyed and burned and never used by anyone ever again. And then they look like their trying to hard to show that they are super stars or something and their style needs work as well. I think the quality of this video should have been better than this for showing a new group. Overall, it was lame.


Teen Top – To you

I know this group because of their other song, “Crazy”, and even though I didn’t like the video overall of Crazy the dancing was only so-so, but I did like the song. So I honestly didn’t have much expectation for this video as well. And yet once again, I was right. The style of the video doesn’t even match the music. I like the background, style colors and style, but the song is lacking. The dancing is much better in this video as well. But the song doesn’t grab me and seems like the colors and style should be with a high beat type of song.


Ulala Session – Beautiful night

So finally the last unknown group to me in this Kpop Mashup. I like the attention getting music at the beginning, but going into a ballad was not the best thing to do. But then it got funny when the wedding singer stopped singing to the couple and went to the beautiful girl. The song became upbeat and they started to dance, and it was funny. It’s just a funny video. I still don’t like the song, the dancing or the music. Nice vocals though. That’s about it.


So, that’s it for my reviews. As for the rest of the groups. I either know about them and love them already or I just know them. But some are my favorite groups. So anyways, thanks for reading! 🙂

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