So, here’s part of the m/v reviews of the 2012 Kpop Dance Mashup of groups I don’t know or barely know about.

Heo Young Saeng / Crying

Okay, so I could tell right away that this was a solo artist, but I didn’t know that he was a part of the group SS501 until, again, Wikipedia to the rescue…So this song was an instant hit with me for the music, vocals and dance. The style however, needs to be revamped, just a little.


JJ Project / Bounce

I dislike JYP music videos. Why? Tell me why does he always have to say his initials in every video of every group in which he produces the music. So anyway, I’m not a big fan of all rap videos of any language. However, this video does have good music, dancing and vocals. It was even funny in some places. However, I couldn’t tell who the main group members were until they started rapping…decent video though.


Jo Kwon / I’m da one

Another individual I know nothing about. And as soon as I watch I absolutely….HATE it! Seriously…you can’t call yourself a king even if you think you’ve earned it and those that act like them, actually earned the title and don’t call themselves kings. So video is horrible, music is terrible and style is garbage…however, he can sing.


JYPark – You’re the one

I wasn’t going to review this one and just call out the next victim. But I just had to see what JYP would have for his own video. I was actually half expecting to hear JYP in the beginning and I gotta say. Yes, he do got the skillz. He can sing dance and the video got it going on. His style needs a little help though. I know he’s an ajusshi but..oh well. It does kind of suit him in a way. I think he should have worn black or white though.


Myname – Hello & Goodbye

So this is the next victim. MUHWAHAHAHA…Well, nothing to rip here. 🙁 ~ This group has dance moves, vocals and music is on hit. Not quite sure I like the video though. I do like the song. ALOT. However, some of the members look like they belong in a vampire movie or something, so style definitely is an issue here. And very violent. First Kpop video where I actually see them kill someone point blank. And it’s the member that belongs in vamp show.



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