Ok, so this video has a lot of things that can interpreted and everything in it has a deeper meaning. Especially when you examine the lyrics with the video.

So from the beginning the scene with the kids can be interpreted as him having respect for the source of hip hop or that not all Koreans are racist when it comes to mixed kids of asian descent or of black people all together. Only GD knows which one he was trying to convey.
The scenes with the bear is part of a Korean saying and the tiger can be interpreted as GD being cute yet dangerous enough to need a leash at times.
The boxing scene can either be about haters attacking GD or just problems and media and other controversies in life attacking him and even though he fights back he still gets knocked down. So he can’t win for losing.
The scenes of the line up I’m not sure about, because I’m not sure if he actually had to go through that but I know he was darn close to actually going to jail.
The tennis scene was about his shattering his old images from his previous videos. Those outfits were from many of his previous videos.
The table scene I personally interpret has fans/or people in general have on blinders as to what he’s really like. I’m nearsighted so when I take off my glasses, everything in the distance is blurry. The same thing with this scene, people aren’t wearing ‘glasses’ when they really look at him, they see what they want to see and not reality.
I personally, love this song, the video and positively love the dance. This video shows how GD truly feels, he can be arrogant, childish, sexy, sway, ghetto and dangerous.
I respect him more because of this video because instead of catering to the haters and people that dislike him, he’s showing how he really is and don’t care what they or anyone else thinks. Just the fact that Taeyang is at the end of the video with him shows, that GD is going back to his true roots. Basically how he really is and he’s a rapper with a ghetto style. I got that immediately just by watching him on videos and you can see that this is HIS style. GD is GD and that’s what makes him One of a Kind, so this song suited him perfectly.
If I missed anything, I’m sorry, but this post is already super duper long. kekeke
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJnICByeL8Q]

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