Yeah, that was my response during and after watching the 3D version of Avengers. At first I was irritated because we had to see it in 3D because the one we wanted to see was sold out and then the seats we had really hurt my eyes in 3D. And I went to see it opening weekend on Sunday around 7pm. It was still extremely crowded.

Those are the only complaints I had because the movie itself was FANTASTIC. Yes, I want to see it again, except in 2D please. I love Robert Downey Jr and everyone else just made this movie fantastic from the story line to the action to the graphics to the lines from each character, but of course it was because of Iron Man that made it funny…hahaha! I have to make this review short because I could go on and on about how great it was and that it made me want to see it again at the movie theater which is a rare thing for me, so I might be seeing it again this weekend.

Also, I’m trying to refrain from adding any spoilers but I will add them beyond this point so STOP reading if you haven’t seen it yet….what’s wrong with you? lol, just joking. I just gotta say I love the part where the Iron Man suit clamps onto Tony Stark while he was falling out of the building and I love the part also when Loki was telling The Hulk that he was a god and better than that and suddenly the Hulk just grabs him and smacks him back and forth against the floor and until Loki passes out. A really good classic moment was when the Hulk and Thor was working together to bring down a giant alien and when they brought it down to kill it they were side by side then Hulk punches Thor off the alien as if to say yeah, we killed him but you still irritate me……….I couldn’t stop laughing from that part. And I also love the Legolas quip from Tony when he grabbed HawkEye to take him to the top of the building as a look out. I think my favorite Black Widow parts were when she was being ‘interrogated’ and when she was talking to Loki and she pulled a fast one on him big time. The saddest part was when the agent died though. But there was also a funny part in that as well when Loki got blasted by his gun…Such a great movie. I think I will go see it again this week end.

Well that’s it for my thoughts and opinions. So many more posts to write today.


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