See the necklace he’s wearing? Well, I sent that to him last year. I actually saw it on other photos but couldn’t get a really good look at it until now. And that is definitely the one that I sent him last year. I know because I made it. It originally had a charm in the center of the initial “K”. Which I put to represent me, but I decided that it would be weird for him to wear my initial and just left it plain. As I was taking off the charm the black bead separator fell onto my carpet and I couldn’t find it because my carpet is so dark. I’m sure when I vacuumed it got sucked up into the vacuum. So I just put the other beads back on and was going to double up the silver beads at the end but it looked funny so I just took one of them off.

I actually had a photo of the necklace before I took the center charm off and then again when I was finished with it as you see it here in this pic. However, I took the photos with my iphone and somehow when I was syncing it, the pictures I had were deleted. Including the ones that I took of the envelope I sent it in of Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin that I had drawn on the cover.

So anyway, I was really worried at the time because I didn’t know if he’d get it because the post office claimed that customs might not let it through because it was jewelry. So I asked on JoonGi Global forum and Karaz said they might let it through and she gave me some encouragement. So I sent him a bracelet I made after that then another necklace I made that was doubled with some cool beads and stuff on it. Then I sent him a sterling silver necklace with the initial “J” on it. So if you see him wearing any of these, let me know, send me the picture so I can post it here.

I know I should be more excited about this, but I really am not. I’m just glad that he actually got it, I never thought he would so I had forgotten all about it. At least I know he gets the mail I send to him in the military. I think I only sent 1 letter to JG Company before they closed. Everything else I sent directly to the military address I found online.

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