Fall TV Line Up

*Warning* – spoilers listed throughout this review.

Pan AM

Yep, I watched this episode first even though the other series were already out. But I had forgotten about it, so I watched it first. I gotta say that I was pleasantly surprised by what I found even though I was only watching it because Christina Ricci was playing in it. I know she’s a good actress so I wanted to see how she would do in a TV series. Well, it was very good as first episodes go, although I wonder how far the stewardess spy plot will go. I know that lots of things can happen especially since her identity is a secret and now she has her sister on the same flights. But I just wonder. I do like the characters and like the girl who I think is the main character since she is the one that is supposed to be the spy. Over all I give it  out of .


Terra Nova

The long awaited back in time + future people TV drama. I was really looking forward to this until I read the reviews about it but I just wanted to see it for myself. I gotta say, despite the reviews I really liked it even though some shots were obviously fake. And since I don’t believe that dinos lived at the same time as humans, it was completely fake anyway. So I like the cast but the chemistry between the Shannon parents is quite not there. I like the Shannon daughter the math geek. Well, it seems they all have a specific part to play, the cop father, the doctor mother, the troubled teen son, the geek daughter and the annoying child daughter. So it figures that the bad boy son would almost get killed on his first day in a new place and now we see that the daughter will be a key to solving the riddle that is left on the rocks by the water falls by the commanders’ own son. I wonder if he is still alive, the sixers, sound like he is. I wonder where they live as well. Anyway, if anything it intrigued me enough to want to see the next episode. I give this series. out of .


Yay! Sarah Michelle Gellar is back…another series in which I only watched because of the actress…hehehe! So it was boring at first. So much so that I decided to watch Terra Nova first. But then after the first 15 minutes and 30 commericials I actually was drawn into this series where Gellar plays herself twice. I was like shocked when Bridget woke up and her sister had committeed suicide or so they had us think. But then shocked again when she took her place. And even more shocked when someone was trying to kill Siobhan. And I gotta say, yes, very surprised to learn Siobhan is very much alive and well, in PARIS! So what is really going on here? And why? Why pretend to die, let Bridget take her place then have her killed…if Siobhan really planned that part that is, is it for revenge??? So many questions that need answering. It also looks like Bridget does a better job at being Siobhan. It looks like that family needed her. I thought that Bridget’s life was messed up but not only was Siobhan cold to her husband and hates her step-daughter, but she was sleeping with her best friends’ husband….and pregnant! Okay, I really gotta know what happens in this series. So I give it, yep you guessed it,   out of 

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