Yep, I decided that I’m going to quit all fan clubs and associations dealing with Lee Jun Ki (Lee Joon-gi) simply because I do not need to be part of a fan club (see definitions below) to admire his acting or his beauty. I still have a project in the works through JoonGi Global, but I’m not sure if it will be completed. I will wait until December to see what happens. At any rate I still need to transfer over images to the club server and get them off of mine or get a server for the club to store the images. I will think of something.

So in the end, I’m giving up on dealing with fan clubs for Lee Joon-gi and admiring his work from other corners of the earth. I still feel like I will meet him some day. But I’m not going to go out of my way to get information about him or anything like that. I never meant to be anything more than a media subtitler. But since that is no longer needed and since the forum for JoonGi Global is nearly empty, then there is no need now. But even if there was I still wouldn’t stay.

Goodbye my sweet prince…sort of. I will await your return in 2012!

fan club is a group that is dedicated to a well-known person, group, idea (such as history) or sometimes even an inanimate object (such as a famous building). Most fan clubs are run by fans who devote considerable time and resources to supporting them. There are also “official” fan clubs that are run by someone associated with the person or organization the club is centered around. This is the case for many musicians,sports teams and more. Source: Wikipedia


fan club


1. an organized group of admirers of a particular pop singer, film star, etc. Source: Free Dictionary

fan club


a club enthusiastically devoted to a movie star or other celebrityor to a sports team. Source:

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