Romeo & Juliet

I really want to go see Romeo & Juliet live, either as a play or a ballet performance. Here is a poem with the same title that I wrote.

Romeo and Juliet

More sparkling than diamonds and more mysterious than the color of cobalt,
Seen and yet unseen
A love lost and a lover unknown
Divided by oceans and seas
Waiting for each other in the deepest of dreams
As they silently cry out to each other, “Wait for me, I’m coming. Please wait.”
Longing hides in their heart in the darkness
Even as a light burns within them, beckoning the one that they love.
Two hearts searching for each other.
Two minds holding back for the other.
The one whom they have been waiting on all this while.
The one in which they will love eternally.
The one who renews them daily and fee what they feel.
The understanding of their heart the other knows.

Waiting for their hearts’ true love…

One heart, one mind, one soul…
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