So yeah, Peacemaker (Kurogane). Was a live action play in June this year in Japan. How cool was that. There was also a chance to order the dvd of the play, but of course it was sold out. I wish they would make a real live action of Peacemaker or another series with the Shinsengumi that doesn’t consist of demons and magic. Anyways, here are some pics and links to everything. Ok, I take my words back. AS I was just searching for the cast of the play, I found a live action of Peacemaker, it has only 10 episodes and only 1 is subbed in English on Drama Crazy, but it’s no longer there. I will try to find it because it is based on Nanae Crono manga, and since I only watched the anime series and read the 1st volume of the manga series, then I feel like it won’t live up to the original. Also the manga and anime series are severely different. Similar story lines but characters are like waay different in the anime than the manga. I think the manga is more series whereas the anime is more funny with a few serious episodes. Peacemaker Drama

Cast: Hamao Kyosuke as Souji Okita

Official Web Site for Play

Peacemaker Facebook Page

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