May 18 Movie Review

I’ve seen some sad movies in my time, but nothing like this. After they first open fired at the citizens to the very end I cried. I thought that 911 was bad and cried after watching ‘Remember Me’. This is a just another reminder of why I hate this system so much and why I can’t wait for it to end. People killing people in massacres at that.

Release Date: 25 July 2007
Starring: Sang-kyung Kim, Yu-won Lee and Sung-kee Ahn
Genres: Drama
Kang Min Woo leads a relatively peaceful life with his younger brother Kang Jin Woo. Min Woo has been captivated by Park Shin Ae, friend to Jin Woo and daughter to Park Heung Su. Min Woo, being shy, manipulates Shin Ae into going to the movies with him and his brother, Jin Woo, by telling her it’s out of sympathy for his brother who studies too hard.
The next day at the theaters, while Min Woo was in amusement from watching a film smoke began seeping in. An outburst came through the doors of a soldier beating a man to death and everyone inside ran out of the theatre in fear. That day soldiers went on a rampage against the citizens, assaulting everyone and anyone.
Park Heung Su, father to Shin Ae, tried to find out what was happening by seeking out General Choi who was in-charge of this infiltration into his town. But nothing could stop the soldiers not even Heung Su who was once a general himself…
Written by Colleen16
Source: X7Cinema Blog Spot

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