Well, I just finished watching ‘Bad Boy’ and it was so totally amazing!! :lovelove: I mean Kim NamGil’s acting had me spinning. :dancing: I so totally forgot about his performance in Queen Seon Deok. I thought that Lee Jun Ki and Bae Soo Bin put on great performances but this man was just too amazing!!! :blush: He conveyed so much emotion just through his eyes alone and that kind of skill is not easy to come by. But his character was believable all the way through from the pain he felt to when he happy, or crazed. I think he should definitely get an award for the bridge scene after he found out the truth about his parents. That scene was simply amazing!! So I guess this proves that he is Korea’s Johnny Depp..JK!!! So in short, I totally hated the last episode but what can you do, he had to leave for the military and it was supposed to be 20 episodes altogether. But I give this series 5 stars. Yes 5 even with the bad ending…LOL!

Here is the link to watch Kim Nam Gil videos Online!

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Kim Nam-Gil

June 22, 2011