I’ve gotten my new Korean Language book and look forward to learning more Korean. Like actually how to put sentences together. I stumbled across a Korean Video  on You Tube and I just got to say -this teacher is great! He teaches beginners and intermediate. It’s great to have the book he says, but I still learn without it. You will need to know the Korean Alphabet first though. I believe he gives a lesson in the Korean alphabet as well, you just have to look through his vids. He also answers questions quickly. Anyways here is the link. Korean Lessons for Beginners

Here are some videos for learning the alphabet.
Korean Class 101 LearnHow to Read and Write Korean Learn to Read and Write Korean 2

Seemile – Korean Lessons in 2 Minutes

This is what I’m using to learn Korean though, it comes with a dvd to learn the sounds of the Korean alphabet and a book. It was cheap and combined with the videos from You Tube (Korean Lessons for Beginners) has helped me to put sentences together and now I know what they sound like. It’s really easy. So here is the link for the book that I bought. Korean for Beginners

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