Well, Just something I’d like readers to know…I have two things I despise most in this world. One – That feeling of not being able to wake up when you really, really want to; where it feels like you’re at the bottom of a well and something is holding you down while you struggle to reach the top to get air and Two – That feeling where you really, really want to sleep but can’t. Now I’m not talking about where you push past dead tiredness to stay awake. I’m talking about wanting to sleep so bad you’d do almost anything to get to sleep.

So that is where I am now, so let me share my little adventure with you all tonight. Well, first I started with watching Prison Break, but that didn’t work, so I decided to take pictures of me in silly hats and random hairstyles. Well, I finally got tired of playing with my bathroom decorations and jewelry and decided to play video games. Well I wanted to play Dance, Dance Revolution but since it was past 1:30am and the fact that I live upstairs…well…let’s just say, not nice if I did that. So I played Midnight Dub Edition and took pics of my car. hehehe. I love that car. Well, I only went one round since my heart wasn’t into it.

Then I decided to take a shower and wash my hair, which was very refreshing. Now, I know what you’re thinking – “A shower will wake you up, not help you sleep.” Yes, this is true only if you’re not anemic, which I am. Since I don’t have the heater on at night so I can sleep the cold air when I get out the shower would be the catalyst so to speak for me to sleep (because for some reason anemics sleep better when it’s cold), plus it was all so refreshing. But even though my body and scalp felt refreshed, I felt something was missing so I also brushed my teeth since I wanted my mouth to be refreshed and then decided to give myself a face cleansing as well. So my whole body was refreshed. *aah* So now here I am telling my story. I will up load pics in the morning because I’m finally feeling sleepy and I don’t have the cord to my camera by me to upload the pics to my computer. So I will post them in the gallery later on. Here is the link to the gallery.

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