All About Lee Jun Ki

So today’s topic: Lee Jun Ki.

Well I first found out about him a few months ago through my loathesome enemy -da da dum!!! “Crunchy Roll”. Due to their lack of anime series of recent months I turned to Korean Dramas which I thought would be bad, but they ended getting me hooked instead. So after about 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…wait, Prince Hours, Jewel in the Palace, Dong Yi, Temptation of an Angel, Brilliant Legacy, Chuno…then I watched Iljimae…so yea it was 5 cuz I’m still technically watching Brilliant Legacy, but I’m also watching Yi-San as well. But then again…I watched part of episode 1 before I started watching Temptation.

But anyways, I fell in love with his acting and looked for more dramas with him in it and found out he is a model and a singer. So I watched his so called famous movie, but even though is was decent he barely was starring in it really. Although his parts were good, but so was everyone elses. Then I watched My Girl, which I liked for the main Women actresses because they so rocked! But I love his music and his pictures from modeling. At any rate I’m writing this cuz now he’s in the military for 2 years (2.16.2010). I’m just grateful that I found out now instead of way back in May when he first had to go and now it feels like an eternity before he’ll be out and making our hearts throb again. *sigh* But I’ll wait because I really can’t wait to see him do more acting and music. So check out the photos I have of him in my gallery.

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